Monday, January 30, 2012

No Tulips Yet

I was so looking forward to last Thursday where I planned to buy tulips at the Farmers' Market, come what may, or so I thought...

Well, freezing temperatures came and thus there was no flower stall at the Market. So much for plans or tulips photos! The weather forecast for this week is even colder than last week, so you might have to put up with another orchid shot next Monday for  ;-)

Have a wonderful week everyone! And now off to Lisa's Creative Exchange, maybe there are some tulips there...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ready For Tulips

After this weekend's roller coaster weather I'm so ready for tulips... I almost bought some last Thursday, when I saw buckets full of tulips in every colour you can think of at a local Farmers' Market. Today, I can't even remember why I didn't buy some, maybe the blue sky that day was enough to make me happy.

I brought my Christmas Rose in from my balcony for a little photo shooting and yes, that made me happy, too! Aren't those buds just beautiful? I'm so fascinated about how those blossoms fold out, change and develop.

Have a wonderful start into a colourful week - see you over at Lisa's to take a look at all those gorgeous submissions for this week's Creative Exchange.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Have you ever seen a flower smile back at you? I mean literally... That's what happened to me when I uploaded the photos I took from my orchids and saw this orchid smiling at me.

And looking at that photo I can't help smiling myself. :-)

Have a wonderful week filled with smiles! See you at Lisa's Creative Exchange!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thank You

Although it was last week that Lisa had asked for our favourite photo 2011, I decided to show you another one. A flower, of course...!

Thank you all so much for your wonderful and encouraging comments and emails! I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate them - your are best!

It's already the second week of January and what is quite unusual for me is that I haven't taken up my DSLR so much these days. I'm now a proud owner of an iPhone (I think I must have been the last person on earth to join...) and I have been playing around with Instagram these days. Justine encouraged me to try it and now I'm hooked... ;-) It's really fun and if you'd like to connect with me there, you'll find me @rosiegrey.

I'm linking up to Lisa's Creative Exchange - see you there!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Blues

Texture: Kim Klassen

I hope you all had wonderful Christmas Holidays and a fantastic start into the New Year! 

The days before Christmas were more than chaotic at work and seemingly have robbed me of the rest of energy I had. I paid the price, but learning the lesson is not so easy... The days between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve I spent with sleeping and eating and more sleeping and a few walks in between.

I had put my hope into the start of the New Year - a new beginning, with drive and energy, tackling all things in a stride, beginning new projects, trying out new things, taking courses, finding a word for the year 2012, things you see everywhere in blogging world... well, against my better judgement, as you may guess. I woke up yesterday morning and things were just the same, same me - what a surprise, ha...

How do you manage to see the new beginning, the fresh start, the wonderful projects in 2012 and how do you handle all that? 

For her Creative Exchange today, Lisa asked us to show our favourite photo of 2011. I really don't know if this is my favourite photo, but it spoke to me today. 

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