Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Who Knew...

... well, actually I knew... I just had forgotten, or maybe I was in blissful denial...

The light in my apartment is already bad enough, but for indoor photography this time of the year it is simply frustrating. And once I'm frustrated, nothing works...

There are really only two spots,where I can take a decent shot with a little bit of light, which of course is boring. Every picture looks just the same as always, not one angle I haven't tried before. I could show you a photo from 4 years ago and you couldn't tell the difference to one of today (except maybe that today I'm out of practice with my camera and that might show, too).

I've never been very skilled with setting up photos - I guess, I'm not patient enough for still life photography, and then I don't have lovely props to rescue a boring set-up..., taking walks with my camera seems so much easier...

All this to tell you, that I did indeed buy flowers as I mentioned last time... however, I don't have photos of flowers to show.

So, as I didn't want to put up a photo of the dreary, muddy landscape around me, here is - totally unrelated - a photo of a fruit salad I made myself the other day, just because the colours make me happy:

Next time, I might have some tulips for you - no promises, though ;-)

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Can you believe, it's February already? Well, I can't! January whizzed by and I must admit I'm slightly panicking. One month of the new year already over and I haven't managed to start anything from my "want-to-do" list, not even diving into Lightroom again.

I feel also quite uninspired as to my photography and the short days with insufficient light don't help either.

Rain, that started on Monday afternoon, has put an end to the beautiful winter scenery; everything has turned brown and muddy and the roads are icy, as the ground was still frozen, making walking quite an endeavour.

This photo is from last weekend,

river birds sunset

but I guess I'll have to invest in some flowers to show you something nice here next time, if the weather doesn't cooperate...

Have a wonderful week!

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