Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Quick Note And Some Felicity

We are in the 5th week now with half of our team away and I must say I'm ready for a break! I had to cut back my hours online here (my apologies for not visiting!) and I guess it won't get any better for the next two weeks. But I plan to take a day or two off when everyone is back again.

I thought I was in for a little treat and so last Friday I decided to buy some flowers on my way home. I was lucky to grab the last bunch of tulips available at the supermarket - even at a discount as they were a bit damaged - and then indulged in having a go at them with my camera on Saturday  and happily playing around a bit with textures, too.

I will link this up at Lisa's Creative Exchange (one day later than planned, but I wouldn't want to miss it!) and then also at Kim's Texture Tuesday, as I just found out that I fulfill today's rules of using at least one layer of her "Felicity" texture.

Have a wonderful week everyone and sorry again for not visiting so much these days!

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Little Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

I know it's one day early but as Lisa's Creative Exchange is all about one's heart in photography I think there's no better place to share my heart with you!

Have a wonderful week!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Again

Can you believe it's Monday again? And February already? And Lisa's Creative Exchange!

Last week more than half of our team in the office was down with flu. You would think that no virus or bacteria would survive in that cold we have been seeing for the last weeks... But although I wasn't able to visit any blogs last week - I do apologize for that and hope there will be more time this week - I'm glad to be one of the working and not of the ill part of the team.

Thus I was able to enjoy a Sunday morning walk, admiring a deep blue sky and white frost on the branches. It was so beautiful I didn't even mind the -15° C / 5° F we had.

Have a wonderful week everyone and stay warm!

This one is taken with my iPhone
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