Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Bit Late - But Still In Time...

Last week, Xanthe and Andrea have started a collaboration about colours - such a great idea, as I'm clearly in need for some colours right now; these grey and foggy days seem to go on forever.

I missed last week's colour red, because I didn't find anything red to take pictures of… needless to say there are plenty of red things in my household, which I keep seeing, now that the colour yellow is asked for. 

But yellow is really difficult - nothing yellow in my home (or so I think…), as it isn't one of my favourite colours, unless flowers are involved, of course. And so it's quite serendipitous I discovered this beautiful yellow buttercup this week:

yellow flower buttercup textured
processed with Kim's textures "havana" and "celery"

Before I'll hop over to visit everyone at Texture Tuesday and celebrate Kim's return home, I'm off to the dentist's (once again…) - wish me luck!

Speaking of which (wishing luck that is, not the dentist): no news on my lens yet... I took the photo above with my macro.

Have a wonderful and colourful week everyone!

Friday, January 17, 2014

January 17

Is it weird to say "Happy 2014", when we are already 17 days into January? Well, anyway, I hope you had a good start into this new year!

The last weeks of 2013 were "challenging", and of course the challenges didn't stop just because we've started out into a new year and write 2014 now instead of 2013. And if that weren't enough, my "go-to" lens gave up on me last week - I'm not sure I'm ready for the estimate of its costs of repair...

Here is one of the last photos with it:

and yes, it's really been taken only a few days ago. You wouldn't believe this is a "January photo", would you? I could happily do without any snow for the rest of winter here; due to the mild temperatures we've had since Christmas, I'm all set for a nice and balmy spring. And flowers!!

So, this Friday finds me happy to be here again, I'm looking forward to catch up on you. And to hop over to Kim's to have a look at some other Friday Finds.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! And Happy 2014!

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