Friday, March 29, 2013

Still The Same

Still no sign of spring here... still that nasty sinus infection with headache... still tulips...

What's new, however, is the colour of my tulips.

Yellow and orange red are normally not my first choice of colour, but I must say that I love the energy of that combination - just perfect for Kim Klassen's "Flower Power" edition of Texture (ahem) Tuesday, for which I added Kim's texture "Sea".

yellow orange red tulips textured

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend everyone with flowers and sunshine and lots of Easter eggs!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On Words

Have you seen Texture Tuesday's theme for this week? It's about "wise words" to go with a textured photo. 

Considering the fact that I love quotes, I thought that would be easy. I went over my collection of quotes, went over my photos... either the quotes seemed random, or didn't fit with a photo, or the photo was meaningless... 

I couldn't make up my mind - and, yes, you are right, when you assume that I'm a bit indecisive. And a perfectionist. To my excuse I can only add, that my head is still in a fog from that sinus infection (still waiting on the medication to finally kick in).

I'm afraid you have to put up with another tulip photo - processed with Kim's texture "Havana".  

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Not Fair

Last Wednesday, after weeks and months of winter grey, spring decided to show up with sunshine and nice temperatures, luring out crocusses and snowbells from under the snow.

Last Wednesday, I woke up to a splitting headache and excrutiating sinus pain. I was in bed - that whole week of sunshine - battling that sinusitis and headache. As nothing really helped, I've got antibiotics now and supposedly I should feel better by the end of this week.

Needless to mention that it's grey and dreary again, with snow forecast for the weekend...

I tried to cheer myself up by linking to Kim's Texture Tuesday, where just a favorite photo either with or without textures was asked for. To be honest, choosing a photo when you are ill and in a bad mood isn't such a good idea... but here it is - another tulip processed with Kim's texture "vintage":

Before I'll make the tour to your blogs, I guess I'd better tuck my grumpy self into bed again and come back later.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Sign of Spring

I can't remember a winter with such a seemingly endless period of grey and dreary days and weeks - which is a good thing, as the weather report confirmed that it has been the longest winter period without sunshine since 1949...!

The lack of sunshine resulted in increased investment in chocolate and flowers to ward off depression - this is not an official statement, by the way, this is how I survived the last months ;-)

A little pop of colour never fails to cheer me up and tulips are my favorites - a sign of spring.

texture tuesday spring tulips against the grey and dreary winter

I used Kim's textures "chill" (to pay tribute to the temperatures) and no. 2 from Ben's collection for this week's Texture Tuesday.

Have a wonderful week filled with sunshine!

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