Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Year of Records

After the longest sunless period in almost 100 years this winter and the wettest spring in over 60 years, I fear we are in for the shortest summer, which actually took place last week.

Just in time for the longest day of the year, weather changed back to cold and wet again - so much for a lovely late sunset  or later a spectacular super moon.

However, I managed to squeeze in a photo walk last week and here's proof that we had summer this year :

colourful magenta green
I used Kim's textures "maybe" and "antiqued edge" for Texture Tuesday

 Have a wonderful week and let's see what further records we are in store for!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I wish time would adjust its pace to that of the guy below... just sometimes... a little bit...

processed with Kim's texture "Anna" for Texture Tuesday

Or maybe Hermione could lend me that time turner...

I might as well  pretend to be able to go back in time and link up to Friday Finds, to make up for all the things I missed here last week.

Have a wonderful week everyone - I'll be around visiting all your blogs. Slowly...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

From My Heart

Actually, I hadn't planned on participating in Texture Tuesday this week. Somehow, I did't feel I had a photo, that was speaking to me to use textures on, and there was no time for playing around with textures. And I don't have a pool of textured photos I could go back to, when I need one quickly (maybe I should start one to make things easier...) I wasn't even sure, if I would manage to squeeze in a post today.

But after reading Kim's story I wanted to at least send a little message, knowing that today it's not about a perfect photo or some fantastic texture processing, it's about showing love and compassion.  And so I'm sending loving thoughts and warm hugs to Kim and John and their families.

processed with Kim's textures "Anna" and "Sybil"

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