Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sharing Some Love

I know, I'm one day early for Valentine's Day, but I just wanted to share THIS, so that you have a chance to take a look and sign up in time, as Jamie Ridler is going to launch the yearbook tomorrow.

I've been invited by Jamie to test the yearbook, use it daily, see how it works, how I like it, and what can I say - I've been instantly hooked!

You'll see an introduction to the yearbook over at Jamie's. but what I can tell from my experience is that the yearbook is a wonderful journal meets scrapbook meets art journal meets photo album. It is whatever I want it to be! This is, where I can put my daily photo (yes, I finally get to print my photos!), the quotes I love to gather, some little notes about my day, any snippet I want to keep.

Why don't you hop over and have a look!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow and feel loved!

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Oh, hello 2018! Your arrival somehow took me by surprise...!

Yes, I know, that sounds weird... I saw the fireworks and I can read the calendar, but actually I wasn't ready for you yet.

A bronchitis sneaked up on me and put a stop to my saying good-bye to 2017 and making plans for 2018 and I feel like I'm stuck somewhere in between the years.

As it is already the second week into the "new year", I guess I'd better get going... And while I'm looking back at 2017, here are my "best nine of 2017" on Instagram, where I was rather sporadically, but at least more frequently than here:

Best Nine of 2017

And 2018, could you slow down, just a little bit, so that I can catch up on you...

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Liberate Your Art 2017

March came and went so fast, it didn't really register and just like that, the first half of April is over, too.

The tulips will have to wait, because it's blog hop time today! Just as last year, I decided to participate in Kat's Postcard Swap and today it's time to present the postcards to the public.

So without further ado, here they are in the order of their arrival:

The top left card with the lovely river scene is from Marianne Soufax and was the first card to arrive!

Unfortunately, I don't know who created the beautiful card on the top right. I only know that the sender is from Oregon - there was no name, only an email address that got covered up by mail stamps. If anyone knows any details about him/her, please let me know, as I'd love to also thank the sender personally by email.

The card on the bottom left is from Fast Eyes, Mailart out of the Box - such a stunning collage, isn't it?

The amazing card on the bottom right is from Lynn Radford, and I do hope, I have the orientation as it was intended! Lynn has a beautiful etsy shop - go have a look! Lynn also mentioned her blog site on the card, which unfortunately got covered by one of the mail stamps.

The left card with the stunning butterfly is from Sharon Hunt. I'm amazed by the light and details of this photograph!

As always, Kat sent out one of her own art works, too, which this year is this beautiful digital painting with its fantastic, vibrant colours.

Thank you everyone for these beautiful postcards, and Kat for once again organizing this swap with this year's wonderful motto "Experiment, Play, Create & Liberate!" It was fun to be a part of it again.

Now do hop over to Kat's blog to watch the slideshow with all of the amazing pieces of art and read some more about the artists.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Who Knew...

... well, actually I knew... I just had forgotten, or maybe I was in blissful denial...

The light in my apartment is already bad enough, but for indoor photography this time of the year it is simply frustrating. And once I'm frustrated, nothing works...

There are really only two spots,where I can take a decent shot with a little bit of light, which of course is boring. Every picture looks just the same as always, not one angle I haven't tried before. I could show you a photo from 4 years ago and you couldn't tell the difference to one of today (except maybe that today I'm out of practice with my camera and that might show, too).

I've never been very skilled with setting up photos - I guess, I'm not patient enough for still life photography, and then I don't have lovely props to rescue a boring set-up..., taking walks with my camera seems so much easier...

All this to tell you, that I did indeed buy flowers as I mentioned last time... however, I don't have photos of flowers to show.

So, as I didn't want to put up a photo of the dreary, muddy landscape around me, here is - totally unrelated - a photo of a fruit salad I made myself the other day, just because the colours make me happy:

Next time, I might have some tulips for you - no promises, though ;-)

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Can you believe, it's February already? Well, I can't! January whizzed by and I must admit I'm slightly panicking. One month of the new year already over and I haven't managed to start anything from my "want-to-do" list, not even diving into Lightroom again.

I feel also quite uninspired as to my photography and the short days with insufficient light don't help either.

Rain, that started on Monday afternoon, has put an end to the beautiful winter scenery; everything has turned brown and muddy and the roads are icy, as the ground was still frozen, making walking quite an endeavour.

This photo is from last weekend,

river birds sunset

but I guess I'll have to invest in some flowers to show you something nice here next time, if the weather doesn't cooperate...

Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Winter Wonderland

If you've known me for a while, you know that I'm a summer girl. I can take heat, any heat, just fine; cold... not so much.

This winter, we've had some freezingly cold, but often sunny days and I must admit, I've loved to bundle myself up and take walks in this winter wonderland. I enjoyed this particular walk, when it snowed and I was almost alone out there.

walks in winter

Passing this tree, I hoped the residents in No. 28 were warm and cosy...

Trees snow

 and I hope, you are, too - have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Starting Over

Yes, again... I'm starting over... Not that I didn't try last year, or the year before... It's hard, harder than I actually thought, as I've completely lost my workflow for choosing and editing photos. I've forgotten the little I had know about Lightroom or even PSE13 and I hardly even touched my DSLR.

All I did was take daily photos with my iPhone to document my days and when there was a photo I thought I could share I did so on Instagram, as it was a fast way for me to do. But although I've managed to stay in contact with some of my blogging friends on Instagram, I do miss my blog, as neglected as it has become.

So my decision is to blow the dust off here, get back into a rhythm, find a workflow I can handle even in hectic times, which realistically will happen more often than not. I guess I will publish photos I'm not completely happy with once in a while, just to keep me going.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you again, to taking up my camera, dipping my toes into Lightroom again and to exploring the world with fresh eyes and a rekindled motivation.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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