Friday, August 16, 2013


Having people treat you badly is bad enough, but not being able to shrug it off and keeping anger and frustration trapped in your head by constantly replaying words and scenes is even worse...

Sometimes, seeing the beauty of flowers helps to refocus - at least for a little while...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

From Summer Break to August Break

Finally, summer has arrived and I decided to enjoy it as much as possible and have a little "online summer break".

I thought some of you were doing the same, but coming here today I discovered that my Feedly feed didn't work quite as it should. I'll work on that - until then I apologize for not visiting...

Due to the crazy weather some flowers didn't bloom as expected, but you can always count on cosmos to show up, can't you? I was so happy to discover this beauty on one of my photo walks:

meadow sun textured
Processed with Kim's texture "Sybil" for Texture Tuesday

Speaking of breaks - today, Susannah Conway's August Break starts again. It's always such a nice atmosphere and considering it was during August Break 2010, I met some of you, I'm happy to participate again. You can read about all the "rules" here.

This year, Susannah also gave a list of prompts, and although I often have difficulties with taking pictures for prompts, I managed to do it today. So here is a photo of my breakfast - I love to start the day with fresh fruit, especially in summer:

august break 2013
August Break 2013 - Day One - Breakfast

Have a wonderful August everyone!

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