Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Can you believe, it's February already? Well, I can't! January whizzed by and I must admit I'm slightly panicking. One month of the new year already over and I haven't managed to start anything from my "want-to-do" list, not even diving into Lightroom again.

I feel also quite uninspired as to my photography and the short days with insufficient light don't help either.

Rain, that started on Monday afternoon, has put an end to the beautiful winter scenery; everything has turned brown and muddy and the roads are icy, as the ground was still frozen, making walking quite an endeavour.

This photo is from last weekend,

river birds sunset

but I guess I'll have to invest in some flowers to show you something nice here next time, if the weather doesn't cooperate...

Have a wonderful week!


Barb Brookbank said...

Hi Rosie ... yes to flowers ... I'm planning on buying quite a few this month!

Leanne Barnett said...

Such a beautiful scene.. Looks so cool from where Im sitting in the heat & humidity :)

Beverly said...

The down side of not much snow in our Midwest is...not much to photograph. The upside is, it seems winter is passing by quickly, which is a good thing. My daffodils have sprouted out of the ground since the warmer weather was here for over a week. They'll be surprised I'm sure when more snow and cold show up. I'm on the look out now for new flowers...they bring some cheerfulness to the eyes. I do love your scene here.

Lisa Gordon said...

I LOVE this photograph, Rosie!
We had a good deal of snow this week, and it was really quite beautiful. Now, it is very, very cold.
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

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