Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sharing Some Love

I know, I'm one day early for Valentine's Day, but I just wanted to share THIS, so that you have a chance to take a look and sign up in time, as Jamie Ridler is going to launch the yearbook tomorrow.

I've been invited by Jamie to test the yearbook, use it daily, see how it works, how I like it, and what can I say - I've been instantly hooked!

You'll see an introduction to the yearbook over at Jamie's. but what I can tell from my experience is that the yearbook is a wonderful journal meets scrapbook meets art journal meets photo album. It is whatever I want it to be! This is, where I can put my daily photo (yes, I finally get to print my photos!), the quotes I love to gather, some little notes about my day, any snippet I want to keep.

Why don't you hop over and have a look!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow and feel loved!

1 comment:

Lisa Gordon said...

This sounds great, Rosie!
Thank you for sharing here.
I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

I LOVE this photograph!

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