Friday, September 3, 2010


Ahhh- that‘s Darrah Parker‘s prompt for the „Slice of Life Tuesday“ flickr group this week. 

For me that‘s...
  • a cup of really hot tea (black‘s my favourite) when I‘m cold, 
  • a cup of coffee with a muffin (or insert almost any cake here...) in the afternoon, 
  • chocolate (nuts, almonds, well, I fear the list would be endless...) 
  • curling up on my couch wrapped in a thick snugly blanket reading a book...

This dayspa‘s window I came by today reminded me that getting a massage is a big AHHHH and that I should treat myself more often with such an indulgence.
I wish you a happy Friday and a gorgeous ahhh-moment today!


justinegordon said...

these are such lovely shots on your blog, it is so interesting. Thankyou for all your lovely comments you post on my pictures and now I see you have done so on flickr, it is so kind of you and I really appreciate it. You will love picture fall, I found picture summer really got me thinking about things and you get this great prompt and tips every day, we will support each other!

lisa said...

I'll take the chocolate, and the massage!
These photos are beautiful Rosie!
Thank you for your visit.

annette said...

I agree with every little thing on your list (minus the coffee but I'll take the muffin!)

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