Thursday, September 2, 2010

Photo of the day

It may have been around the beginning of 2010 that I read about some people doing a 365 project. I thought this was really cool but didn‘t consider it for myself. That idea, however, kept coming back into my mind and then, a few months later (on May 23, 2010 to be exact) I decided to give it a go myself! I wanted to focus more on photography and thought that project would be ideal to achieve this goal. 
I knew I had to start right away, on this very day, not waiting for a „first of a month“, „first of a quarter“ or any other specific date, or I wouldn‘t start at all!  And I set up my rules... Every picture must be perfect, outstanding, a documentation of my getting better in photography. During that process I must learn every little secret of my camera. I have to take pictures of something grand, nothing average... and a few more. Ha!
Well, to make a long story short, I loosened up on my rules. ;-) 

I discovered that I give my best every day when taking my pictures. And I realized that after those 365 days I may not be the photographic genius I would like to be, but that I will have found something beautiful in every single day, however hard and demanding a certain day may have been.
Have a nice day and find something beautiful in your day, too!


Jude said...

This is a beautiful shot! I also love the idea of 365, though I know I could never hold myself to it (every-few-days, more like :)). Glad I can still peek at your photos in ABC. Have a great weekend!

lisa said...

A perfect way to think about it Rosie, and by the way, this one looks pretty perfect to me!

Anonymous said...

Great idea loosing up the rules...must try myself next time!

Thanks for including me in your list of Favourite Blogs, very chuffed!

lisa said...

Just back here to thank you for your kind comment Rosie. Live and learn, I guess!

Thanks again.


justinegordon said...

what a fantastic blog, well done for starting one I am impressed! and what lovely pictures, are you doing the madeline bea 365 days?

justinegordon said...

I just became your newest follower and I see you are doing picture fall too!

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